Saturday, July 4, 2009


A bagful of mixed emotions is what the name evokes at the very start.
Yes I am talking about the immortal,deadly,blood-sucking yet handsome,enigmatic,mysterious,magical and the most desired of all the evil creatures in mythology-the Vampires.These black and red hooded beings with pointed ears, a sharp nose,slanting dark eyes and a wicked smile,not to forget the patent lethal canines sticking out of their jaws, staring at you, waiting to have a dig at your flesh, strike a chord with some of the most undesired and hidden emotions of the human mind.They make one come face to face with primitive emotions which drive each one of us,knowingly or unknowingly.
The blood-stained teeth and nails, the blood-shot eyes and the scarlet lips add to the attraction innate to human beings to the color red whilst evoking a sense of fear,pain,misery,anguish and even anger and hatred.The smile, full of deceit and lust, is extremely menacing, conveying full well the depth and meaning of the intentions of the person flashing it.The bitten neck with blood-oozing from the wound refreshes the malice lurking behind the smooth porcelain exterior.
The stark black overcoat with its red insides remind you that nothing is as nice or good as it seems on the exterior.The color red,universally standing for danger, stares at you straight in the face,demanding attention and forcing out emotions lurking deep inside.All in all-"Straight out of hell" they seem to say.
Vampires invariably have been related to the various phases of moon with special importance being attached to the presence of a full moon.History bears mention of normal human beings being transformed into parasitic vampires at the stroke of midnight on a full mooned night by the "kiss of death" from another vampire, delivered at the characteristic position on the throat.Here we see them taking from the night, its mystery enveloped in darkness and the voice of its silence.
These living legends who reside in their personal coffins,seem to appear out of their hiding only at night and only when they need to rebuild their strength by feeding on yet another unsuspecting victim.They,apparently,absorb all the knowledge,characteristics and complexities of the victim along with its blood,making them some sort of living sponge.
Hundreds of movies have been made depicting charismatic vampires rising out of their coffins and biting hapless young beauties in their bedrooms,all resting on one fact, that we all have a wicked side to us.Whether or not we accept and acknowledge its presence, there is a Mr Hyde behind every Dr.Jekyll and shows his face every now and then.
Its beyond good and evil...
its just thin air....sometimes there...sometimes rare.

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