Monday, May 25, 2009

Categories of people

Over the past few years and especially the past few months I have realized that there are three categories of people as far as opinions are concerned.And based on what category they fall in they can make your life heaven or hell.
First, and the one I most respect, is the category of people who have an opinion and initiate it,express it freely, contribute in decision making and take a stand by it.Because having an opinion is proof to the presence of and usage(good or bad but atleast its being used!!) of the God-gifted gray matter.These are the people who actually bring about (revolutionary?) changes in the world and make it move, more or less.If their opinion is practical it changes the face of things;if not, one knows that its one-idea down!
Second, very obviously, are those who have an opinion but choose not to express it.Oh there are plenty of those around!Fine by me!I guess they don't feel the need to express it, which I can totally respect or they choose to not take a stand by not saying which ways they believe things outta go,which shows lack of confidence in self's idea. These people add neither to the decision making process nor to the confusion that might ensue in critical judgement hour(thank goodness for that !)
Third, are those who have an opinion only and only on the other' opinions.They take their stand by virtue of the others having voiced their respective opinions and taken a stand. Such people I feel not only lack self-confidence but opine only to sling mud and not add in any positive way to the discussion or argument. Such opinions are meant only to pull the perpetrator of the original chain of thought down. Their opinion is neither original nor growth-promoting. But it sure swings-votes!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Networking sites...

Whats with people and networking sites these days??!!
Every site has a space called My status...or Whats on your mind...or some other similar space which expects you to fill it up with something or the other..simply because everyone else has updated theirs..!!!
And worse everyone actually keeps updating these on an hourly or 2/4/6 hourly basis! Are we such a repressed people that we need networking sites to express what's on our mind?
Or is everybody so desperate to showcase what's on their mind that they were just looking for an opportunity to jump at !!!
I don't see the point at all!
Maybe i am not interested in telling the entire world what's going on my mind......
.But apparently not too many people think this way...most people are more than just click-happy to let the whole wide world know what exactly are they thinking,doing,loving,hating,travelling,eating,sleeping,shitting??
Can one person tell me what joy does it afford putting up hoardings of your emotions all over your page....??Is it the joy that one gets out of sharing..or is it just plain simple show-off?
What is one trying to show by putting up the most-recent-yet-not-so-significant-event of their lives?? Are they even aware why exactly are they doing what they are doing?? OR is it just an obligatory field to be filled up because you have seen it ??

One needs to start questioning the purpose of their actions and correct them when they seem purposeless...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Municipal hospitals

Three visits to a municipal hospital in the vicinity and i have been grossed out enough to thank my stars for not having taken up MBBS...the place is supposed to be a hospital...a place where sick and needy come to take treatment to restore their health...but what they get is not just worst quality treatment but also they are not even treated and regarded as anything but objects which need to be repaired...almost inhuman treatment and an even more pathetic state of far as i am concerned i think people go there not to get well and walk out but to be rolled out on a mortuary guerney...such a place makes u thank your parents for being rich enough to put u anywhere but a municipal hospital and makes u wanna preserve your health more than any damn thing on can smell the air reek with can feel a rodent lurking around you somewhere,ready to pop its head the minute u leave its get the feeling that you never gonna get out of this place alive no matter what hands you are under....
God bless all those there...poverty is a curse...

Monday, May 18, 2009

purpose of life

what is the purpose of our life?
what is that one thing we all wish to achieve at the end of our that when we take that last doesn't seem being snatched away but u pleasantly give it away..??
what goals does one set and achieve in life that give the ultimate happiness?
does achieving goals give real happiness at all?
or is it the simpler things of life like putting a smile on a friend's face, or helping out sumone in trouble, or the simple act of giving anything to sumone in need that give real happiness...?
suppose u set goals.u achieve them.then?
newer goals to be set? always remain in the rat race? always remain a rat?
running behind materialistic goals and successes?
is that life?is that the happiness of life?
or is happiness abound in knowing that u gave yer best shot ever what if u didnt win...
isn't it in knowing that u just made sumone's day..?
isn't it in knowing that sumone just loved themselves a lil more after yer words of faith in them?
isn't it in feeling the breeze blowing in yer hair?
isn't it in feeling the of silence that you share with sumone you are comfortable with ?
isn't it the pride that u feel when u create sumthing awesum?
isn't it the self-respect that u have when u have done nothing wrong?
isn't it the strength to stand and face the world without shame or guilt?

i think..thats what happiness is...

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Friends...a highly used and abused word...probably overrated and undervalued even..of what i have understood about friendship..friends are folk around whom you can let out the inner child because its completely safe....they are people around whom you can relax all your defenses because you know you won't be attacked in any way whatsoever... there is no need for guard, pretense or facade...friends are people who were complete strangers and now are people without whom you can't imagine your life to be complete...they are the fireflies which make you smile...a glow in the dark...the bright lamp-posts when the road gets dark..the silver lining of every gray cloud..the warmth of sunshine on a winter morning....the million-dollar-yet-free(priceless!!!) spa treatment that you gift yourself...the last note of music that stays on in your mind....the light smell that lingers behind after you have sprayed your favourite perfume...they are the smile you see a little kid's face that makes you smile....because they are the ones who make your inner kid smile...
thank you guys for.....Simply Being....

Thursday, May 7, 2009


have your ever wondered why we meet certain people we meet? or the peculiar ways in which we meet them? or how sum people disappear from your life? without any logic or reason people enter our lives and change it forever...
i believe in this beautiful quote i once heard somewhere that "people enter our lives for a reason,season or a lifetime" true! If we consider life as a journey and we as travellers..then we can look at it this way...
Our paths criss-cross with complete strangers and then they don't remain that share, you learn,you grow...then you part with them..these are the people who come into our lives to teach us the meaning of something, to help us realise the value of one more little thing, to make us smile/cry a little....leaving a mark on your mind and in your life forever...
Some other travel with these strangers..a short road...but very important in helping you grow...they teach you an important lesson of life...and then they part with you on hitting a fork in the road....these are the people who are like the changing seasons of our of each season being enhanced by the presence of the other..
Third..last but not the least...rather the most important are those that still stick around when you are stuck in your bed...
these are like air,
always been there,
sometimes there,
sometimes rare...
these are the ones who have seen you through the changing seasons and never demanded reasons...
they are the truly cherished but least noticed ones,precisely because they have been there for as long as you can remember!
So friends love and appreciate who you have...when you have...the way you have.!!! Because you never know wether they are here for a reason,season or lifetime....!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Live gay-action happening!

One cannot ignore it when two men walk hand-in-hand,sticking close to each other...what is this if not live gay-action!On train platforms, bridges,footpaths, its not a very rare sight in Mumbai.Having been a witness to this gesture of affection and companionship a multitude times,each time it never fails to make me raise an eyebrow.Call me insensitive if you wish to..but there is no companionship that needs such urgent expression...what is the meaning of walking holding one another's hands like that? Some body language experts say its a subconscious sign of possessiveness..which as we are all aware is inherent to all relationships between two normal human beings belonging to any gender,age group or purpose. Some say its a symbol of saying that you shall be there when your loved one needs you. Well...maybe...maybe not...maybe its just a gesture of the reality called craving of contact with your loved one...which possibly instills a sense of security...for some it might be a sense of supoprt and security..emotional support, just reaffirmed by the physical touch...Such a small gesture of affection and how we writers focus,magnify and amplify and blow it out of all proportion with the unnecesary nomenclature of everything that it embodies,which still truly remains unconveyed, and also still craved for by everybody...

Monday, May 4, 2009


Whats with people(read-women) and clothing these days??!!...its as if the only thing that can make you look pretty is an overpriced piece of clothing made by sewing together multiple scrubs of all-possible colours-fabrics,held together by intricate and over the top embroidery or sequins or diamontes, combined with equally loud jewellery which has all those colors that the dress has(obviously!!) And well the dress must look WOW! It must make heads turn else whats the point of wearing it at all??!! And well if you are going to be wearing it a such-and-such place..then toh dahhlingss it has to look gorgeous na sweetiiee.....and you Must look like the show-stopper and nothing less...well well well....i dont think so...i mean...what has the word fashion been reduced to...last i checked in the OXford meant...A way of doing something..or a new popular trend...but.somehow the trends these days make no sense whatesoever....leggings!!?? what sense do leggings make to anyone, including whosoever wore them??they come in ugly colours,cheap fabric,stick and steal your skin's basic right of breathing,make you sweaty....what purpose do they possibly serve other than making you look trendy...because personally atleast i haven't come across more than 2 women till date who actually looked good in leggings...!!out-of-proportion women squeeze themselves in those damn leggings to look trendy and nothing something that flatters your complexion, figure, and please stop following trends blindly!!! please please please....atleast pity the innocent passerbyes who must stand your disastrous dressing-sense.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

When Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand's Epic Saga..Atlas Shrugged.....forces the dead and non-functional brain to get up and take notice of the emotions that she conveys in her writing...she jolts you to the reality of the sharp contrast of various human purposes of existence....rating the existence with a purpose -the highest...she uses radical contrasts to outline each feeling.thought,emotion....and makes each one of them a unique individual with an identity of its own...she makes each desire that can possibly be felt by the immortal mind and immoral body a person of its own and express itself...let you feel it...make you feel it...Ayn Rand makes selfishness a virtue to be rated as high as any other...probably the highest of all human virtues...the wish and desire to live for none other than one's be driven by own's need of success and wish to drive the body to achieve perfection of the highest degree..that being the onkly true virtue with each one of us should possess...truly said...very truly said...very aptly conveyed...

My first real blog..

i welcome myself to the world of blogging...whether or not anyone else does..hehe...think i love to talk...and most often dont feel the necessity to express what i feel to people around me all the time like many of us do....but guess it would be fun to put into words the various ideas that are concocted in this fertile brain replete with words and ripened with manure of newer experiences daily by the second....sights and sounds that enter the brain and are constantly edited by the non-stop editor sitting inside..involuntarily,automatically, with no other higher control...its time to harvest....