Saturday, April 3, 2010


After 8 long years since it first made its appearance, i finally got a chance to experience the phenomenon of meaningful theatre in the form of The Vagina Monologues...
The cast of 5 extremely dynamic and brilliant 30+ indian women dressed in black and red, lead by Mahabanoo Modi simply rocked the stage with their power packed performances and punchy lines, all of it while being nicely seated in their red leather bar-stool style chairs. They started with a sincere plea to keep the cell phones switched off and lead into an enthralling experience of what the ones with the vagina feel regarding it. I think i must have never heard so many words ,medical or non medical, being used so beautifully with any human organ! The array of characters portrayed varied from your typical mumbaiya mahrashtrian lady to a funjabi kudi to the shy reserved parsi aunty to the average american female to the attrocity prone Bosnian woman. Woow! It was some ride around the world! Funny, witty, engaging to the Tee! Poetic and musical! Intelligent, intriguing, demystifying! Heart wrenching and empathy-awakening! Liberating atleast partially the ones who came to watch it, but i think its the alredy liberal who go to watch it ! Puts to shame the taboos placed on the sexuality of the indian woman. My saulte to these 5 liberated women on-stage and all others off-stage who mustered the courage to bring this to the indian hypocritical culture and bring an awakening of sorts! Bravo! Now thats what i call a performance!


Keyur700 said...

Hey Rachita!

Well written yaar. Nice to know that you are good in even writing about entertainment stuff!!

Carry on.



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