Friday, June 5, 2009

The GIFT called LIFE

One doesn't value what one has.Most of us don't value the greatest gift of a normal and healthy human life that we have received.To be born, to be born healthy with every organ down to the smallest nail normal and healthy is one of the greatest gifts that one can receive.To be born with a thinking and reason-gifted mind that can change the life of not just one's ownself but also others' is an underestimated miracle.The joy of living an independent life, physically and mentally is a right denied to many unfortunate ones for no fault of theirs and there can be nothing than more heart-wrenching and pathetic than the plight of the parents of children who are born incapable of living a mentally and physically productive life.It tears your heart, makes you cringe, makes you crib, makes you want to cry, then it makes you angry, makes you hate fate and finally it makes you want to reach out to them and do whatsoever in your prowess for them.It makes you want to heal them.It makes you humble and value what you have.It makes you realise the greatness of the small roles that each and every part of the body play to drive the most complex yet self-maintained piece of machinery made on earth.It makes you want to use this indwelling reason-gifted mind for such higher purposes of existence.


Rahul said...

oyeee...y aint u writing new stuff...

Dr. Priteesh Chotai said...

This feeling is not very commonly found in people these days. Its good to see that you understand what they must be going through.

What we need to cultivate in us is the ability to feel others' pain. This will save humanity from dying. Unfortunately it is found in only handful of people like you.
Keep the good work going.