Monday, May 25, 2009

Categories of people

Over the past few years and especially the past few months I have realized that there are three categories of people as far as opinions are concerned.And based on what category they fall in they can make your life heaven or hell.
First, and the one I most respect, is the category of people who have an opinion and initiate it,express it freely, contribute in decision making and take a stand by it.Because having an opinion is proof to the presence of and usage(good or bad but atleast its being used!!) of the God-gifted gray matter.These are the people who actually bring about (revolutionary?) changes in the world and make it move, more or less.If their opinion is practical it changes the face of things;if not, one knows that its one-idea down!
Second, very obviously, are those who have an opinion but choose not to express it.Oh there are plenty of those around!Fine by me!I guess they don't feel the need to express it, which I can totally respect or they choose to not take a stand by not saying which ways they believe things outta go,which shows lack of confidence in self's idea. These people add neither to the decision making process nor to the confusion that might ensue in critical judgement hour(thank goodness for that !)
Third, are those who have an opinion only and only on the other' opinions.They take their stand by virtue of the others having voiced their respective opinions and taken a stand. Such people I feel not only lack self-confidence but opine only to sling mud and not add in any positive way to the discussion or argument. Such opinions are meant only to pull the perpetrator of the original chain of thought down. Their opinion is neither original nor growth-promoting. But it sure swings-votes!!!


varun said...

People come for a season, reason and lifetime :)

"tHe bAla$" said...

What about those who do not have an opinion at all ;)

Seems like u missed out on that category :)