Monday, May 4, 2009


Whats with people(read-women) and clothing these days??!!...its as if the only thing that can make you look pretty is an overpriced piece of clothing made by sewing together multiple scrubs of all-possible colours-fabrics,held together by intricate and over the top embroidery or sequins or diamontes, combined with equally loud jewellery which has all those colors that the dress has(obviously!!) And well the dress must look WOW! It must make heads turn else whats the point of wearing it at all??!! And well if you are going to be wearing it a such-and-such place..then toh dahhlingss it has to look gorgeous na sweetiiee.....and you Must look like the show-stopper and nothing less...well well well....i dont think so...i mean...what has the word fashion been reduced to...last i checked in the OXford meant...A way of doing something..or a new popular trend...but.somehow the trends these days make no sense whatesoever....leggings!!?? what sense do leggings make to anyone, including whosoever wore them??they come in ugly colours,cheap fabric,stick and steal your skin's basic right of breathing,make you sweaty....what purpose do they possibly serve other than making you look trendy...because personally atleast i haven't come across more than 2 women till date who actually looked good in leggings...!!out-of-proportion women squeeze themselves in those damn leggings to look trendy and nothing something that flatters your complexion, figure, and please stop following trends blindly!!! please please please....atleast pity the innocent passerbyes who must stand your disastrous dressing-sense.

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