Sunday, May 3, 2009

When Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand's Epic Saga..Atlas Shrugged.....forces the dead and non-functional brain to get up and take notice of the emotions that she conveys in her writing...she jolts you to the reality of the sharp contrast of various human purposes of existence....rating the existence with a purpose -the highest...she uses radical contrasts to outline each feeling.thought,emotion....and makes each one of them a unique individual with an identity of its own...she makes each desire that can possibly be felt by the immortal mind and immoral body a person of its own and express itself...let you feel it...make you feel it...Ayn Rand makes selfishness a virtue to be rated as high as any other...probably the highest of all human virtues...the wish and desire to live for none other than one's be driven by own's need of success and wish to drive the body to achieve perfection of the highest degree..that being the onkly true virtue with each one of us should possess...truly said...very truly said...very aptly conveyed...

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