Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Networking sites...

Whats with people and networking sites these days??!!
Every site has a space called My status...or Whats on your mind...or some other similar space which expects you to fill it up with something or the other..simply because everyone else has updated theirs..!!!
And worse everyone actually keeps updating these on an hourly or 2/4/6 hourly basis! Are we such a repressed people that we need networking sites to express what's on our mind?
Or is everybody so desperate to showcase what's on their mind that they were just looking for an opportunity to jump at !!!
I don't see the point at all!
Maybe i am not interested in telling the entire world what's going on my mind......
.But apparently not too many people think this way...most people are more than just click-happy to let the whole wide world know what exactly are they thinking,doing,loving,hating,travelling,eating,sleeping,shitting??
Can one person tell me what joy does it afford putting up hoardings of your emotions all over your page....??Is it the joy that one gets out of sharing..or is it just plain simple show-off?
What is one trying to show by putting up the most-recent-yet-not-so-significant-event of their lives?? Are they even aware why exactly are they doing what they are doing?? OR is it just an obligatory field to be filled up because you have seen it ??

One needs to start questioning the purpose of their actions and correct them when they seem purposeless...


Keyur700 said...

I like the topic which you chose. But sometimes even I like writing what's on my mind. There is a purpose behind this. After reading my status, people will comment on it. Therefore, its a tool to keep in touch with friends.

By the way, I really liked the way you have expressed yourself. You do write very well.

Keep it up.




hey rachita......might be there is some other aspect to this fact......might be you are prejudiced.....if i have something in mind and i wanna share it with my orkutting friends whats the big deal........after all there is a strooooonggggggggg cyber bonding between our socialising the extent that some friends who do not even talk with us in college are our very regular chatting friends on orkut or gmail......strange but give it a thoughttt!!

MA said...

Mayb this unique being "updating on hourly or 2/4/6 hourly basis" someone has irritated the hell out of u but on a second thot mayb ull realize tht this makes those okuters get connected with a few they want to keep in touch without takin too much pain! So chill yar...or i hav a suggestion! Scrap him about it,fire him in n out! Hav fun! 2 din ka tp ho jayega! hehehehe

Dr. Suraj A. Dhirwani said...

I agree with you on most counts.
These days there seems to be a void, in people's lives. An absence of TRUE GOOD FRIENDSHIP (reference to your post FRIENDS), leads to this great urge & desire of Cyber Friends.
Kids have stopped playing in the playgrounds & are more hooked to the PC. We too, somewhere in this rat race world, are too busy to express ourselves personally, face to face. And hide ourselves behind cool pseudo profile son such sites, often pretending to be something what we are not or aspire to be.

THE RESULT: Such things (2/4/6 hrly posts) are definitely hallmarks of Attention Seeking Behavior and/or Waaay too much Free time

P.S. Occasionally, this is one of the best ways to share a moment of true joy or announce something publicly. but, i repeat- Occasionally.

Priteesh C said...

I really agree with you on this. I have no two ways about it! I would like to share my thoughts and feelings, sorrows and happiness only with people who really understand me and are interested in me.

The interesting fact here is that I came to know about your new blog through your "My status" area only! I really hope this updated "status" was just coincidence!
Nevertheless, you have put forward your point aptly. Good writing.

Dr. Priteesh S. Chotai

Doc Rachita said...

Thank you so much all u guys for yer critical opinions...highly appreciated..priteesh-awesum collection of one-liners there...and should get back to writing big-time...shri i didnt mean to offend any feelings but as the comment below your says..just highly irritated by ppl with so much free time...wat a waste of time...and occasionally its awesum to use it as a showcase to keep in touch...i am not saying its wrong..i am just questioning its productivity and utility..

Shraddha said...

" I don't see the point at all! Maybe i am not interested in telling the entire world what's going on my mind...." Umm.. you might want to reconsider the whole blogging thing then :). p.s. "Are they even aware why exactly are they doing what they are doing". Um.. care to rephrase that? p.p.s. Hypocrisy is not dead yet.

Doc Rachita said...

my blog my dear misinformed friend is nothing but a stepping stone to growth via criticism as a writer.its a path to working as a freelancer and nothing that should prove that hypocrisy isn't as rampant as you think it is either.

Shraddha said...

Lacking a sense of fascination towards the art of blogging probably leads to my "misinformed" status. Blogging (or freelance writing if you will),to me has always implied expression of one's thoughts and feelings (in your case, criticism ) in writing not only to further one's "growth as a writer", to be a positive force in the milieu of the written word but also to make one's opinions enter a public domain. A journalist essentially "tells the entire world what's going on in their mind". But i guess you have a different goal altogether. p.s. consider me informed. :)