Monday, May 18, 2009

purpose of life

what is the purpose of our life?
what is that one thing we all wish to achieve at the end of our that when we take that last doesn't seem being snatched away but u pleasantly give it away..??
what goals does one set and achieve in life that give the ultimate happiness?
does achieving goals give real happiness at all?
or is it the simpler things of life like putting a smile on a friend's face, or helping out sumone in trouble, or the simple act of giving anything to sumone in need that give real happiness...?
suppose u set goals.u achieve them.then?
newer goals to be set? always remain in the rat race? always remain a rat?
running behind materialistic goals and successes?
is that life?is that the happiness of life?
or is happiness abound in knowing that u gave yer best shot ever what if u didnt win...
isn't it in knowing that u just made sumone's day..?
isn't it in knowing that sumone just loved themselves a lil more after yer words of faith in them?
isn't it in feeling the breeze blowing in yer hair?
isn't it in feeling the of silence that you share with sumone you are comfortable with ?
isn't it the pride that u feel when u create sumthing awesum?
isn't it the self-respect that u have when u have done nothing wrong?
isn't it the strength to stand and face the world without shame or guilt?

i think..thats what happiness is...

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