Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Live gay-action happening!

One cannot ignore it when two men walk hand-in-hand,sticking close to each other...what is this if not live gay-action!On train platforms, bridges,footpaths, its not a very rare sight in Mumbai.Having been a witness to this gesture of affection and companionship a multitude times,each time it never fails to make me raise an eyebrow.Call me insensitive if you wish to..but there is no companionship that needs such urgent expression...what is the meaning of walking holding one another's hands like that? Some body language experts say its a subconscious sign of possessiveness..which as we are all aware is inherent to all relationships between two normal human beings belonging to any gender,age group or purpose. Some say its a symbol of saying that you shall be there when your loved one needs you. Well...maybe...maybe not...maybe its just a gesture of the reality called craving of contact with your loved one...which possibly instills a sense of security...for some it might be a sense of supoprt and security..emotional support, just reaffirmed by the physical touch...Such a small gesture of affection and how we writers focus,magnify and amplify and blow it out of all proportion with the unnecesary nomenclature of everything that it embodies,which still truly remains unconveyed, and also still craved for by everybody...

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